Vote May 6, 2014


I believe my background in government, finance and community service gives me a unique perspective and insight in which to continue my leadership role in improving and unifying our city in the following areas:

Thank you for your continued support.

"The next several years are crucial to the progress of Newport News. Our leaders must possess vision, drive and commitment to ensure future prosperity." - Bert Bateman

Bert Bateman Continues a Tradition of Caring for Our Community

OYSTER POINT PROFILE ~ Herbert H. Bateman, Jr. is a senior vice president with TowneBank, focusing on business and professional banking. He also serves on the Newport News City Council representing the Central District. His business skills make him a better city councilman; his city council experience makes him a better banker; but most of all, a solid family background focused on community service has made him a better person.

Bert Bateman is the son of the late Herbert H. Bateman, who served 15 years in the Virginia Senate, followed by nine terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Bateman remarks, "I've had some role in politics either by being around (my father) or on my own since I was nine years old."

There is no denying his father had a profound impact on the man Bateman has become both personally and professionally. "My dad was the strongest influence in my life when it came to public service. I was always taught that the highest end of being a good citizen is to give back to the community and so that is what I'm trying to so," declares Bateman.